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Physical Therapist for Knee Arthritis Pain

When knee pain makes you feel as if your joint is about to give out at any moment, you may avoid putting weight on it entirely, which can limit your activities and overall quality of life. While there’s no cure for conditions like knee osteoarthritis, a combination of strategies—such as physical therapy—can help you relieve your pain and increase mobility. 

However, we know that physical therapy may make some people nervous that it will worsen the pain. The trained professionals at Kneecare Clinics are here to tell you that a PT treatment program tailored to you can actually normalize your knee joint range of motion, prevent knee stiffness, and strengthen leg muscles—all leading to a reduction in overall knee pain! 

If you’ve tried other nonsurgical treatment methods but your pain continues to limit your daily activities, contact us to schedule an appointment for knee physical therapy in St. Louis.

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Approaching Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

When choosing Kneecare Clinics to heal your knee pain from osteoarthritis, a specialist will take certain steps to assess the situation and tailor a treatment plan that best fits your lifestyle. Here’s what a typical program may look like:

Personalized treatment plan

You will first have a one-on-one consultation with your provider in which they will ask about your history of arthritis, the symptoms that trouble you most, and what activities you hope to increase with physical therapy. The specialist will then examine the knee area, your strength and range of motion, your balance and functional abilities (like walking and stair climbing), and more. This is all in an effort to customize a plan for exercising and manual therapies that both not only reduce knee pain but restore your overall range of motion.

Manual therapy

Once therapy has started, your specialist may treat your condition by applying a variety of hands-on treatments. One technique that is commonly used is when the therapist applies gentle resistance as you perform certain movements. Other techniques may include the therapist gently moving your muscles and joints with their hands or guiding your joints into a less stressful movement pattern. In general, these techniques help to improve strength and proper motion.


Exercises during physical therapy sessions may include a range of aerobic exercises and muscle/joint strengthening activities. In particular, this may include riding a stationary bike, leg lifts, knee extensions, flexing the ankle up and down, tightening and holding thigh muscles, heel slides, calf stretches, hamstring stretches, quad tightening, wall squats, and more. Finally, your physical therapist may also be able to provide education on activities to do on your own that reduce pain when it flares up.

Conditions We Treat

Bone on Bone

“Bone on bone” is another word for knee osteoarthritis, which is when the cartilage in your knee joint has been reduced because of wear and tear. When the padding is worn down altogether over time, it causes the bones to actually rub on one another causing immense pain. Physical therapy can be a viable option to reduce the bone on bone sensation and subsequent pain.


Among the 100 different kinds of arthritis, we treat common conditions every day such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis. Physical therapy from Kneecare Clinics is aimed at reducing your risk of knee arthritis worsening as well as mitigating tissue degeneration, swelling, and pain.


Knee bursitis is an inflammatory condition caused by overuse of the joint—such as continuous kneeling—that causes the bursa to become swollen. Physical therapy can help heal this knee pain and, in turn, reduce your risk of recurring episodes of knee bursitis.

Why Physical Therapy?

The number one reason people choose physical therapy is because it has been shown to reduce pain in the knee joint. How does it do this? Read the benefits to find out why physical therapy is right for people across St. Louis.

  • Targets the source of knee pain. In some situations, arthritis pain may be triggered by a variety of things, such as environmental and other factors. Working with a licensed and experienced physical therapist can not only provide you with deep insight into the source of the pain but also adjustments you can make in your life to reduce these factors.
  • Reduces pain caused by arthritis – Arthritis causes a specific kind of knee pain that can be targeted through a variety of different physical therapies. Many specialists utilize chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, and hot and cold therapy to provide optimal pain relief, which can be incredibly helpful for arthritis pain.
  • Improves range of motion – Working with a physical therapist in St. Louis is a great way to improve your knee’s range of motion, which supports optimal joint functionality.
  • Improves muscle strength – The muscles surrounding the joints have more effect on the knee than you might initially think. Weakness can put added stress on your joints, thereby causing additional pain during even standard attempts at movement. Therapy can strengthen these muscles and reduce pain!

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any restrictions for Physical Therapy or Viscosupplementation?


The therapist will let you know if you have any restrictions for PT depending on your condition and medical history. With viscosupplementation, we want you to do your everyday normal activities, just don’t run a marathon or do any super strenuous activities.


How many times a week will I have to come in for Physical Therapy?


Most often, patients are seen 2-3 times per week for 4-8 weeks.


Is there anything I can do at home for Physical Therapy?


Yes, our therapist will provide you with home exercises based on your specific condition.

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Physical therapies can reduce arthritis pain and restore your quality of life! You can find a deeper level of enjoyment in your personal relationships, careers, hobbies and more with the help of Kneecare Clinics! 

Contact us now or speak to our patient advocate to see which knee brace is right for you and if insurance can help cover other knee pain procedures.

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